Hycult biotechnology (HB)

Hycult biotechnology b.v.

Hycult biotechnology b.v.
Frontstraat 2a
5405 PB Uden
The Netherlands


Lead Investigator

Dr. Jan van Binsbergen

Phone: +31-(0)413-251335
Fax: +31-(0)413-248353

Project Staff

BSc Aswin Jansen

BSc Jan Van Groningen

Company Presentation

Hycult Biotech is a fast-growing company. The company culture is creative, fast-paced and entrepreneurial. HB's principal areas of expertise include but are not limited to (monoclonal) antibody technology, ELISA, tissue culture, molecular biology and general lab support. HB is an SME biotech company (founded in 1994). HB reagents are utilized by a broad range of customers worldwide; from academic and government research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, to hospitals and blood banks. The products are used for research in the field of immunology, endotoxin & other microbial toxins, cytokine and chemokine studies, cell-biology, pathology and cell and tissue damage. HB aims to develop and manufacture antibodies and assays that fulfil the need and demand of the research community. Products are being developed in full cooperation with Universities and research institutes worldwide. HB has obtained formal accreditation for its quality management systems by obtaining ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certification. HB strives to develop and manufacture the highest quality products. The project will give HB the opportunity to explore new fields of research and to gain insight in inflammation in relation to the respiratory system. HB is moving forward in expanding its products in the field of tissue related immunology in which this topic fits well. Furthermore, HB is interested in moving into the diagnostic field. The search for novel target proteins which are associated with AASV will give HB the opportunity to enter the diagnostic market. Hycult Biotech (HB) will predominantly develop immunoassays. Furthermore, HB will provide its production capacity to the project in order to supply the Partners with the necessary reagents.

Team leader: Helma Rutjes, PhD has obtained ample experience in molecular, cell biological and biochemical approaches to tackle functions of proteins in relation to diseases. During the last couple of years she has extended her knowledge by entering the field of immunology. She is collaborating in several science projects, where complement research is gaining more and more interest.

Team members: Geurt Schilders, PhD, has been trained in immunology. He has obtained large experience in immunological, cell biological and biochemical approaches to study the mechanisms behind induction or evasion of immunological responses. He is involved in the development and evaluation of various ELISA assays, for the most involved in the complement pathway. Jan van Groningen, senior research scientist, has ample experience in the development, evaluation and production of ELISA assays.